ICSE 2018 Timetable Class 10, ISC 2018 Timetable Class 12

ICSE 2018 Timetable Class 10, ISC 2018 Timetable Class 12

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the datesheet for Indian School Certificate (ISC) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) board exam 2018 on the official website - cisce.org. We have given below ICSE 2018 Timetable Class 10 and ISC 2018 Timetable Class 12.

As per schedule, the ICSE exam starts from February 26 and ISC examination start from February 7.

ICSE 2018 Timetable Class 10

26 February: English Paper 1
27 February: Mathematics
28 February: Commercial Studies (Group II Elective)
5 March: English Paper 2
7 March: History & Civics- HCG Paper 1
9 March: Second Languages, Modern Foreign Languages
10 March: Art Paper 1
12 March: Geography-HCG Paper 2
14 March: Hindi
16 March: Physics- Science Paper 1
17 March: Art Paper 2
19 March: Chemistry- Science Paper 2
21 March: Economics (Group II Elective)
23 March: Group III Elective
24 March: Art Paper 3
26 March: Biology-Science Paper 3
27 March: Art Paper 4, French/ German (Group II Elective)
28 March: Environmental Science (Group II Elective)

ISC 2018 Timetable Class 12
7 February: Physics Paper 2 (Practical)
8 February: Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)
9 February: Chemistry Paper 2 (Practical)
10 February: Home Science, Indian Music, Western Music Paper 2 (Practical)
12 February: Physical Education Paper 1 (theory)
13 February: Biology Paper 2 (practical)
15 February: Accounts paper 1 (theory)
17 February: Home Science Paper 2 (Practical)
20 February: Physics Paper 1 (theory)
21 February: Sociology
22 February: Biotechnology, Fashion Designing Paper 2 (Practical)
23 February: Computer Science Paper 1 (theory)
24 February: Indian Music, Western Music, Home Science Paper 1 (theory)
26 February: Mathematics
27 February: Art Paper 2
28 February: English paper 2
5 March: Chemistry Paper 1 (theory)
6 March: Political Science
7 March: English paper 1
8 March: Fashion Designing Paper 1 (theory)
9 March: Geography Paper 1 (theory)
10 March: Art Paper 1, Geometrical and Building Drawing, Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing
12 March: Commerce, Electricity & Electronics
13 March: Art Paper 4
14 March: Biotechnology Paper 1(theory), Elective English
15 March: Environmental Science Paper 1 (theory)
16 March: Indian Languages, modern foreign languages, classical languages
17 March: Art Paper 3
19 March: Economics
20 March: Art Paper 5
21 March: Biology Paper 1 (theory)
26 March: History
28 March: Business Studies
2 April: Psychology

CISCE exams start at 11am.

CISCE ICSE exams were held from March 10 to April 21 last year, and the ISC (Class 12) exams were held between January 30 and April 26.

CISCE ICSE, ISC Students to get less Passing Marks:
CISCE revised the syllabus of Indian School Certificate (ISC) or class 12 and has made changes in passing marks for the board examination. The passing marks have been decreased for class 10 and 12 examinations but will only come into effect from the academic year 2019.

Gerry Arathoon, Chief Executive and Secretary of CISCE said, "Among many recommendations made by the Inter-Board Working Group (IBWG), it was suggested that all boards in the country should have the same pass marks criteria."

Indiaeduresults.com wishes best of luck to all the students for their exams.

ICSE 10th Result 2017

ICSE 10th Result 2017

India Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) examination started February 26 with Hindi paper  and ended with March 30 with Economics (Group II Elective) subject.

ICSE class 10 exam results are available on the official website of Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

Last year, ICSE 10th results saw 98.28 per cent students passing the exam. The ICSE 10th results 2017 declared and 98.28 per cent students passed the examination. The Southern region got best pass percentage (99.66 per cent), followed by the Western region (99.46 per cent), Eastern region (98.02 per cent) and Northern region (97.30 per cent). Students can check the ICSE Class 10th scores, by entering his/ her roll number or registration number. Girls have outperformed boys with 30,100 girls and 35,367 boys passing in the ICSE 2017 exam.

1, 49,087 students appeared for the ICSE class 10th exam held by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) from Feburary 26 to March 30.

Students can check their ICSE 10th results 2017 on the Council website at www.cisce.org/results.

School Principals can download the ICSE 10th result tabulation by logging into the 'Careers' portal of the Council by using the principal's login ID and password. Also, this tabulation will also be send to the registered email IDs of the schools. Schools looking to get an additional copy of the tabulation through email can contact the CISCE helpdesk at 022-67226106.

ICSE 2017 results can be received via SMS by sending the key words - ICSE 1234567 (seven digit Unique ID) to the following numbers: 09248082883/ 51818/ 56263/58888/5676750

ICSE Class 10 exam was held in over 2,500 centers, in 64 written subjects(23 Indian languages and the rest foreign languages) and the checking of the answer sheets in 650 centres.The evaluation of ICSE answer sheets is has been done online so that examination and evaluation processes are transparent, accurate and time saving for the education authorities.ICSE Class 10th students must pass in at least six subjects. One of it should be English, any Second Language and History, Civics Geography (compulsory subjects) and any three choosen optional subjects to get the ICSE certification.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations was established in 1958 by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate with the assistance of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education. Indiaeduresults wishes best of luck to students for ICSE 10th Results 2017. Indiaeduresults wishes best of luck to all the students for the ICSE 10th Result 2017. ICSE 10th Result 2017 date will be notified here and ICSE Results 2017 Registration can be done on the official website of cisce.org. ICSE 10th Toppers 2017 with their marks will be updated soon.

ISC 12th Result 2017

ISC 12th Result 2017

ISC Class 12 Exam Results 2017 announced. ISC class 12 exam results have been released and the candidates can check their ISC results 2017 on the official website of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) - http://www.cisce.org

The candidates need to enter their unique IDs and date of birth at the CISCE official website. The ISC 2017 results can also be checked via SMS and the schools can get the full results of students by logging into the council's website using the principal's login ID and password. ICSE Class 10 Results 2017 to be declared soon.

ISC Class 12 exams 2017 were held in the months of February, March and April. ISC class 12 2017 exams started on February 9 and ended on April 1. The highest passing percentage secured by the Southern region of India with 98.28 per cent, followed by Western region at 97.17 per cent, then Eastern region with 95.29 per cent and finally the Northern region with 94.28 per cent. A total of 70,000 students appeared for ISC exam 2017 whereas 1,50,000 students appeared for the ICSE 2017 exam.

ISC students must pass a minimum of 4 subjects to be considered for passing. The subject of English is mandatory, the other ones are 14 Indian languages, 5 foreign languages and 2 classical languages as Electives.Elective subjects include : An Indian Language, A Modern Foreign Language, A Classical Language, Literature in English, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, Fashion Designing, Electricity and Electronics, Physical Education, Environmental Science, Biotechnology, Engineering Science and Computer Science.

If any of student has any doubts over the ISC 2017 result, they may contact CISCE helpdesk at ciscehelpdesk@orioninc.com or call 022-67226106.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) set up in 1956, is a private, non-governmental board. CISCE conducts two examinations - the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the Indian School Certificate (ISC). Indiaeduresults wishes best of luck to all students for ISC 12th Results 2017. ISC 12th Result 2017 date will be notified here and ISC Results 2017 Registration can be done on the official website of cisce.org. ISC 12th Topper 2017 with their marks will be updated soon.

ICSE Class 10 2015 Geography Paper Leaked

The Indian Council for Secondary Education (ICSE) held its Class 10 Board exam for History, Civics and Geography (HCG) on March 11. It is astonishing but the pre-board paper of Bombay Scottish School in Mahim, Mumbai that were given to students on January 9, two months before the Board exam was almost the same.

According to students and parents, 90 per cent of the ICSE Geography paper held in January was same as the school's paper. Many parents think it may be a case of paper leak and had asked the school principals to investigate this as soon as possible. ICSE has given assurance to parents that they will certainly look into this matter as urgently as possible.

Though an official statement put up on the CISCE website informs everybody that there will not be any re-examination for the Geography paper. The notice signed by Mr. Arathoon said, "This is to inform you that a preliminary investigation has been conducted by the Council in the matter of the ICSE 2015 Geography examination, and it has been decided that there will be no re-exam. A fact-finding committee shall be constituted to conduct a detailed investigation in the matter." This statement, however, seems not to provide insight of the allegations against the principal of a Mahim school.

Both the parents and students are just not happy with the ICSE Board's response as it seems unfair to 1.6 lakh students who appeared for the examination. This is another paper leak allegation, there seems to be certainly a need for our education system to follow transparency and fair play.